IT Consultancy

Not everybody should have to “know about computers” to get their everyday work done. If you need IT help, ask an expert!
We can help you with a wide range of IT issues;

  • Microsoft Office – basic and advanced use of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, Project and Visio, all version up to and including Office 2007.
  • Microsoft Windows – we can sort out you Windows problems including slow running, removing viruses and trojans, re-installation and data safeguarding. All versions up to Windows 2007, including XP and Vista are supported.
  • PC upgrades and repairs – ask for a quote, we can probably help, and if it isn’t worth it we will tell you that too!
  • ePOS – Electronic Point of Sale software isn’t a black art, but the “experts” will make it appear so – for honest advice on both ePOS hardware and software give us a ring!
  • Data Migration and Cleansing – As us for help with extracting data, cleansing, transformation and mapping – we can help with most data migration problems.

If there is anything else you would like help with, get in touch – we would love the opportunity to discuss your IT Consultancy requirements.

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