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School holidays: Could Wales' summer break be cut to four weeks?
One teaching union says there are "many more pressing issues that need attention".

Lola James: Two deny charges relating to two-year-old's death
One man denies Lola James's murder, while her mother pleads not guilty to causing her death.

Commonwealth Games: Baton relay for dad after Covid death
Ellen Sellwood was back in work three days after her father died, and says she hopes he is proud.

Census: Wales' population hits new record high but growth is lowest
Seven areas of Wales saw falls in population, as the first Census 2021 results are revealed.

New Quay: Fish has its chips and becomes dolphin's dinner
Wildlife guide Joshua Pedley snapped this unlucky salmon meeting it's end in a dolphin's jaws

Dangerous driving deaths: Families welcome life terms law change
Tracy Kennedy says the men who killed her daughter were released after three and a half years.

Powys: Legal bid to stop school closure thrown out
A legal challenge to stop a primary school in Powys being closed is rejected by the High Court.


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